News for June 2011

How to Handle Women Who Want To Chat Forever

Every so often you may find a woman that does not want to stop chatting. These women often mean well but are unable to know when it is time to end a conversation. Unlike chatting face to face you can’t give the same subtle physical cues to this woman. This is where you will need to know how to take control of the conversation and do what you can to try to end the discussion before it gets to be something that becomes obnoxious.

Control Conversation

You may find that this woman may have trouble understanding what you mean when you tell her that “it’s getting late” or you “should go to bed soon” these are a few things that can end up making her start a whole new conversation for you to have to endure. The best thing to do is stop giving subtle hints and simply tell her that you have to go and you will talk to her another day. Even if she continues to talk continue on as you would in closing a conversation. Tell her that you hope that she has a good night and you enjoyed talking to her.

Last Resorts

If she is refusing to let go and allow you to end the conversation, then there are a few last resorts that you can always turn to. If a woman will not stop talking and you need to go and you have tried to tell her that you need to go you may simply need to get offline, or send her to your favourite swingers chat site.

Edited: June 18th, 2011