News for March 2011

Avoid Getting Cold Feet before Your Date

It can be difficult to avoid getting cold feet before your date. You will find that whenever you go out on a date you can easily psyche yourself out and make it where you don’t even want to leave. However, whenever you try a few different tips and tactics you will soon find that having cold feet before a date will be a thing of the past.


While this is always easier said than done you will need to try to relax. Try to look at it as a night out with someone that has potential to make you very happy. If worse comes to worse (and if you’re not driving) have yourself a drink to calm your nerves. Just try not to overdo it as this can end up causing you to be a sloppy mess before the date. Do whatever typically relaxes you before you leave. Take a bath, nap, meditate, whatever can get you in a good and relaxing place.


Remember that dates are supposed to be fun. While they can easily become a lot like a job interview you will need to always keep in mind that the point of the date is to have a good time with this person.

Just Go

Getting cold feet can only sometimes be remedied by ignoring it. You will find that when you just ignore it and go that you will almost always be happy that you did so. Don’t allow something like cold feet to ruin your night out with a potential partner.

Edited: March 26th, 2011